About Us

Our Mission - Why ShedMi?

Lifelong animal lovers and Furbi co-founders Shuja and Ray noticed that there wasn’t a single
grooming product on the market that effectively stopped shedding at the source. Products
available on the market were regularly cheaply made, difficult to use, inconvenient to store, and
outdated. Seeking an end to the endless sweeping, they decided to make their own product:
combining groundbreaking, modern technology aimed to make life happier for furry friends and
their owners alike.
Here at Furbi®, we are driven by our belief that no pet owner should have to go through
unnecessary headaches in order to care for their furry family members. Its why we’ve perfected
the art of deshedding: offering a vacuum-attachable system that stops shedding at the source and
is safer and stress-free than other comparable products. We believe that owning a pet should be
an enjoyable journey – not one filled with fluff.
Our goal is to create cutting-edge, easy-to-use products that allow you more time with your pets
— and less headache. Focus less on grooming, and more on fun — with less fur, more snuggles,
and a lot less stress. We hope you love Furbi as much as we do, and continue to build an amazing
and easy life with your four-legged friends!
With love,
The Furbi® Team

Less fur, More snuggles ❤️

Cheers - from pet lovers to pet lovers,

The ShedMi® Team