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Hitting the diamond with your buddies — no matter what age you are — is a type of fun that just can’t be beaten.  The right accessories can also help make the outing as fun as possible, but not all accessories are going to be ones that you can see.  Sometimes you need to focus on the micro details, such as baseball glove conditioning oil.  How can the best baseball glove conditioner help out your game?  Take a look for yourself.

Professionalism is in the details

            Your glove is what makes a game successful, more often than not.  Taking proper care of that glove is going to help each game be the best it can be.  When you choose the best baseball glove oil, you’ll be able to arm yourself for comfort, quality catches that you won’t get without these precious details.

Take care of your equipment and it’ll take care of you

            Playing the best game of your life isn’t just about honing your skills.  It’s properly taking care of your equipment, too.  Think of a glove conditioner as training for your glove: it will help the glove become better, and make it last longer.  It won’t let the elements attack it, and you’ll be able to depend on it in a game.

Pros of baseball glove oil

            There are quite a few perks and pros to using the right conditioner or oil for your glove.  Some of the top ones include:

  • Easier breaking in: There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to break in a new baseball glove, but the right glove oil may help to make that breaking-in stage easier.  The right oil will soften the leather of the glove and help it conform to the hand.  It will make the glove more comfortable to wear and help train the user to receive catches.
  • Faster breaking in: Along that same line of thought is that the best glove conditioner or oil will also speed up the breaking-in process so that you can get back to the game, faster, with a glow that is going to feel and work better than before.
  • Protects glove: An oiled glove is a healthy glove. You spent a lot of money and time to find the right glove for your best game.  So, make sure that you spend an equal amount of time protecting that investment in taking care of it.  You’ll save yourself from needing a new glove, and this glove will be stronger for it.
  • Targeted coverage where you need it: Regardless of whether you use a balm, a butter, an oil, or a spray, baseball glove oil is going to offer you coverage in all of the places that your glove needs it.  For example, you’ll be able to focus on those stressed or dried out areas and give your glove coverage there.  Covering all of your glove is a good idea, but you’ll find certain spots are going to need it more than others.  Read more on that below.

Best Baseball Glove Conditioner Brands

            There are a lot of options out there on that market for baseball glove oil.  Some of them are good, and others are not so good.  But, how are you supposed to know what is the best baseball glove conditioner?  Especially amongst so many options?  That’s why we’ve gone and put together some of the best options for your baseball glove from a professional standpoint.  Easier searching, and better glove conditioner results.

  1. Rawlings Glovolium: Well-loved, this brand of glove conditioner is great for newbies and experts alike.  It comes in a bottle for easy portability if needed.  It often comes with a cloth to help you spread the oil easily over the glove.  One of the best perks of this glove oil is that it will not darken the leather of the glove.  Soft, even coverage that protects the look and feel of the glove.
  • Fiebings Mink Oil Paste: Another professional baseball glove oil is made from the hides of minks.  The consistency of this is a paste, similar to vaseline.  Hence the add-on on “paste” to its name.  It works well on both cheaper and premium quality baseball gloves.  It offers smooth coverage that can’t be beaten and is easy access.  This oil will, however, slightly darken the leather over time.
  • Wilson Stock Pro: Often considered to be a saving grace for older, dried-out baseball gloves, this conditioner works hard and well with your professional gloves.  With a rich coverage that smooths on evenly and offers powerful conditioning to gloves in all conditions, this is the preferred option of a lot of players with abused gloves.  This oil will also bring back that alluring leather scent, and it can even bring out faded colouring detailing of your glove.

            Just like there are best baseball glove brands, there are also going to be best baseball glove conditioner brands.  Having both together is going to offer you up a power team that you just can’t beat.  All of this will mean a better game for you!

How to best use glove oil:

            When you are looking at how to use your baseball glove oil properly, it’s most important to remember that you need to follow the oil’s specific instructions.  Some need to be smeared, others need to be padded, and some are sprayed.  Learning how to use your conditioner properly is as important as choosing the right one in the first place.

            For this reason, it could be helpful to pick an oil based on your preferences.  For example, do you hate the textures of pates or butters?  Go with a true oil.  Hate spreading oil?  Try a spray option. 

            It’s important that you like applying your baseball glove oil so that you’ll actually, you know, use it.  You’ll find the right oil for you easier than you think.  Your baseball glove will be the best it’s ever been, and it’s all thanks to the right conditioner.  Ready for the big leagues?  With the right oil, you certainly will be.

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